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GoldenWing is your leading SEO agency in California, specializing in professional search engine optimization. By search engine optimization (SEO) we mean measures that improve the ranking of your website in the search results of search engines such as Google, which is an essential part of online marketing. GoldenWing uses various SEO strategies to ensure that your website is found more easily by your customers. We offer comprehensive SEO services, including professional SEO copywriting, local SEO and WordPress optimization. Our agency ensures that your website ranks for relevant search queries in order to reach new customers when they search for your offers.

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The services of our SEO agency

GoldenWing is your SEO agency. Contact us and benefit from our comprehensive SEO consulting. The initial SEO consultation is free of charge and completely non-binding.

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  • We offer a free SEO consultation.
  • We carry out comprehensive SEO analyses for existing websites.
  • Our experts create SEO-optimized websites.
  • We take care of SEO optimization for existing websites.
  • Our target group analysis helps you to better understand your customers.
  • We carry out comprehensive keyword research and analysis.
  • Our regular updates ensure relevant content.
  • The unique SEO optimization is ideal for locally operating companies.
  • Our monthly SEO maintenance keeps your website up to date.
  • We offer continuous monitoring and reporting for your success.

GoldenWing - Your SEO agency for search engine optimization

We have years of experience in search engine optimization for companies and know the specifics of different industries.

Over 10 years of SEO experience, with knowledge of effective and ineffective strategies

Versatile SEO expertise across different sectors

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Klare Einblicke durch monatliche Performance-Reportings

Learning and growing with every customer project

Current knowledge about Google updates to avoid penalties

Professional search engine optimization for your company website

With your SEO-optimized website, you will attract new customers, achieve your business goals and increase your sales.

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  • Optimization for better Google search result rankings
  • Increase online visibility for potential customers
  • Increasing brand awareness in the digital world
  • Generate more website visitors and customer inquiries
  • Rise in sales thanks to increased online success
  • Sustainable success through organic Google ranking

You are welcome to contact us for a free consultation on SEO optimization of your website.

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Our comprehensive SEO measures will help you achieve an improved Google ranking in 12 steps

GoldenWing, your search engine optimization agency, offers a comprehensive range of SEO services. Feel free to contact us to find out more about our wide range of SEO services.

1. Initial meeting and definition of objectives:

In our first meeting, we discuss your expectations and define common goals for your SEO project.

2. Target group analysis and customer understanding:

A precise analysis of your target group is essential in order to address your customers effectively.

3. Basic keyword research:

We identify keywords that potential customers use to find your offer.

4. Detailed analysis of your website:

We examine your website for possible obstacles to a good Google ranking.

5. In-depth competitor analysis:

Understanding your competition is crucial to making your website stand out in the market.

6. Technical website analysis:

We focus on technical aspects such as loading times and semantic structure.

7. Planning the page structure and content:

A logical structure and convincing content are key to a good user experience.

8. Creation of SEO-optimized content:

We create content that is optimized for both search engines and users.

9. Optimization of usability and user experience:

A user-friendly website is crucial to retaining and converting visitors.

10. Optimization of the Google SERP snippet:

The presentation of your website in the search results is your digital shop window.

11. Website publication and functional tests:

Before going live, we thoroughly test all the functions of your website.

12. Monitoring and reporting after the launch:

We monitor the performance of your website and keep you informed about progress and opportunities for improvement.

Our strategy for search engine optimization of your website

Our SEO strategy at GoldenWing combines on-page and off-page optimization. This includes measures directly on your website (OnPage) as well as activities outside your website (OffPage) to improve your search engine ranking.

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OnPage SEO

OnPage optimization includes measures directly on your website to achieve a better organic Google ranking. It includes content, structural and technical aspects such as data structuring, the strategic use of images and videos and the targeted use of keywords. Effective on-page optimization improves the position of your website in Google search results and is a long-term investment that saves time and effort later on.

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OffPage SEO

Off-page optimization includes all external SEO measures that take place outside your website. In addition to website content, external factors such as social signals and the quality and quantity of backlinks are also important for search engines such as Google. If other reputable websites link to your site or recommend it, this has a positive effect on your online reputation and visibility. These external recommendations are crucial for long-term success in the online ranking.

Experts for sustainable improvements in Google rankings

Contact our SEO experts today and start on the path to sustainable improvements in your Google ranking. Talk to our specialists right away and increase the visibility of your website.

SEO support for e-commerce

The SEO experts at our search engine optimization agency will be happy to advise you on the topic of e-commerce SEO.

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SEO is indispensable in e-commerce and online retail. SEO measures for e-commerce include original content, technical optimization and usability. In view of the strong competition and intensive customer advertising, it is crucial that your online store is SEO-optimized in order to be visible on the web. Optimizing your e-commerce store for Google increases your visitor numbers and gives you an advantage over the competition.

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Local SEO means local marketing

With local SEO, local search engine optimization, you can improve your ranking in local Google search results. This is particularly important for companies that want to address customers in their region. For example, local SEO enables a law firm in Innsbruck to be found by potential clients in Sacramento instead of those in New York. This allows you to reach exactly those customers who are looking for your services in your area.

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Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) aims for a top ranking in the organic Google search results. This reach is achieved through high-quality content and an excellent user experience. Although SEO is more labor-intensive than search engine advertising (SEA), the successes achieved are more sustainable. The combination of SEO and Google ads significantly increases your visibility in the search results.

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Search engine advertising (SEA with Google Ads)

SEA (Search Engine Advertising) refers to paid search engine advertising. With Google Ads (formerly AdWords) you can achieve a prominent placement in the ads on the Google results pages. Visitors gained through paid ads often lead to high conversion rates. For most companies, paid search engine advertising is a standard SEO measure. In contrast to organic ranking, where position is earned through quality and relevance, with SEA you pay for a good placement of your ads.

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