Alinea Partners

Initial situation:

Alinea Partners faced the challenge of an outdated website that was leading to dissatisfaction in terms of digital visibility. In addition, the previous design agency was unreliable and there was a need for innovative functionalities such as a document library and an online store for services.

Project objective:

Alinea Partners’ existing website was outdated in terms of technology and design and did not reflect the company’s dynamism and professionalism. Digital marketing efforts were limited by the website’s lack of functionality, resulting in an unsatisfactory user experience and digital visibility. In addition, the previous cooperation partner in web development was not in a position to meet the creative and technical requirements of Alinea Partners.

Measures implemented:

GoldenWing took a holistic approach that began with the development of a comprehensive branding guideline to ensure all future designs and content were consistent and on-brand. The focus was on creating a modern, user-friendly and visually appealing platform that not only reflects Alinea Partners’ values, but also its innovative spirit.

  • Development of a branding guideline: GoldenWing created detailed branding guidelines to ensure a consistent application of corporate colors, typography and graphic elements that emphasize the uniqueness of Alinea Partners.
  • Responsive web design: The redesign of the website focused on a responsive design that guarantees an optimal display on different end devices. Particular attention was paid to the user experience (UX) to ensure that the website is intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Content strategy: To highlight the authority and expertise of Alinea Partners, GoldenWing developed a content strategy based on high-quality, SEO-optimized content. This included the creation and revision of texts detailing the company’s services and case studies.
  • E-commerce integration: To enable direct booking of consulting services, GoldenWing implemented an e-commerce solution that enables seamless, secure processing of online transactions.
  • Document library: The integration of a user-friendly document library facilitates access to important resources, improves interaction on the website and promotes user engagement.
  • SEO and digital marketing: To increase visibility, comprehensive SEO measures and digital marketing strategies were developed and implemented with the aim of increasing online presence and reaching a global target group.


The redesign and technical optimization of Alinea Partners’ website has led to a significant increase in user satisfaction and improved digital visibility. The newly implemented functions have not only increased internal efficiency, but have also increased customer engagement.

Future outlook:

GoldenWing will continue to work closely with Alinea Partners to continuously improve and adapt their digital strategies. The aim is to continue to position Alinea Partners as a leading innovator in the industry and to expand its global reach.

Words of praise

GoldenWing Creative Studios has redefined our digital face with a new website that is not only visually stunning, but also technologically cutting-edge. Their approach to our branding was fresh and innovative, and the e-commerce integration exceeded our expectations . SEO optimization has already resulted in better visibility and increased customer traffic. The Case Study Library is a real treasure for our marketing team. It is a pleasure to work with a partner who understands and implements our vision so clearly.

Leahanne Hobson

CEO – Alinea Partners

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