Atta Pallet

Project background:

Atta Pallet, a specialist in innovative pallet solutions, aimed to expand and increase its market penetration in the DACH region. The company needed support in optimizing its website and implementing effective digital marketing strategies to attract new customers.

Initial situation:

Despite a strong product and a solid market position, Atta Pallet lacked an optimized online presence and an effective strategy for digital customer acquisition.

Project objective:

Goldenwing was commissioned to strengthen Atta Pallet’s digital presence and support the company in achieving its business development goals.

Measures implemented:

  • Website analysis and optimization: Carrying out a detailed analysis and implementing optimization measures to improve the website’s user-friendliness and SEO.
  • Webinar and online training design development: Creation of professionally designed webinars and online trainings to disseminate product knowledge and drive potential customer engagement.
  • Increase visibility on LinkedIn, Meta and Google: Use targeted digital marketing campaigns on these platforms to increase the visibility of Atta Pallet and generate leads.
  • Acquisition of business partners and new customers: Support in the search for and acquisition of strategic business partners and new customers in the DACH region through networking at industry events and targeted outreach campaigns.


The measures implemented significantly improved the website performance and Atta Pallet was able to significantly increase its online visibility and new customer acquisition. The company successfully expanded its market presence in the DACH region and established valuable business relationships.

Future outlook:

Atta Pallet plans to further intensify its digital marketing activities and deepen its existing partnerships in the DACH region. GoldenWing will continue as a strategic partner to support Atta Pallet’s growth and consolidate its position as a leading supplier of pallet solutions.

Words of praise

GoldenWing has exceeded our expectations! Their expertise in website optimization and digital marketing has improved our visibility enormously. Thanks to their dedicated team and effective marketing strategies, we were able to successfully expand our target group and make our digital services more efficient.

Tamas R. Birtalan

CEO – Atta Paper Pallet

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