Project background:

Domoferm, a leading manufacturer of doors and frames, recognized the need to strengthen its digital marketing and sales strategies to digitize customer acquisition and increase brand awareness in existing and new markets.

Initial situation:

Despite its strong market presence, Domoferm lacked an optimized online strategy that supported effective customer interactions and increased brand awareness.

Project objective:

GoldenWing developed a comprehensive digital strategy to optimize Domoferm’s online presence and enable more effective customer interactions.

Measures implemented:

  • Development of a landing page: Creation of a specific landing page to improve the digital customer approach and support targeted campaigns.
  • Restructuring of the offering and USPs: Clear definition and structuring of the product offering and unique selling propositions (USPs) in order to communicate these effectively on the website and in all marketing materials.
  • Usability and user-friendliness: Optimization of the website in terms of user-friendliness and usability in order to improve the user experience and simplify customer interactions with the brand.
  • Transparency of the offer: Ensuring a transparent and easy-to-understand presentation of the offer so that customers can find the information they need quickly and efficiently.
  • Facilitate communication and contact: Improve and prominently place contact options on the website to enable easy and direct communication with Domoferm.
  • Performance and SEO optimization: Technical improvement of website performance and implementation of targeted SEO measures to increase visibility in search engines and generate more qualified traffic.


The digital marketing strategies and website optimizations implemented led to a significant improvement in online visibility and customer acquisition for Domoferm. The brand is now more visible in both existing and new markets.

Future outlook:

Domoferm plans to further refine and expand its digital strategies in order to consolidate its market leadership and expand into new markets. GoldenWing will continue to support as a strategic partner to optimize Domoferm’s digital activities and strengthen brand loyalty.

Words of praise

“The collaboration with GoldenWing helped us a lot. The new landing page and the clear presentation of our offer improved our online customer approach enormously. Thanks to optimized usability and improved SEO, we achieved higher visibility and more customer contacts. We are very satisfied with the results and thank GoldenWing for their excellent work.”

Thomas Rathausky

Head of Export Sales – Domoferm

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