Garden design branding meets modern web design

Project background:

Erkurt Gartengestaltung, a team of experienced landscapers, wanted to present their projects and services more effectively and needed an appealing logo and a user-friendly website. It was important to them that potential customers quickly gain a positive impression of their offer and can contact them easily.

Initial situation:

The challenge was to create an online presence that was both informative and visually appealing, reflecting Erkurt Gartengestaltung’s high-quality services and corporate values.

Project objective:

Goldenwing developed a comprehensive branding and digital strategy tailored to showcase Erkurt Gartengestaltung’s expertise and connection to nature.

Measures implemented:

  • Branding development: Design of a logo and a visual concept that expresses the connection with nature and the expertise in landscape design.
  • Design of the website: Development of a professional website that provides detailed insights into the projects and comprehensively presents the services. A simple and intuitive navigation system makes it easy to make contact.
  • Obtaining and managing regional funding: Support in applying for and managing regional funding to finance growth and marketing activities.
  • Design of social media frames: Development of special design frames for social media that strengthen the branding and can be used in all posts.
  • Copywriting: Writing professional texts for the website and marketing materials that communicate Erkurt Gartengestaltung’s expertise and high standards.


Thanks to the new branding strategy and the professionally designed website, Erkurt Gartengestaltung was able to raise its profile and significantly improve its online presence. This led to increased customer demand and an increase in orders.

Future outlook:

Goldenwing will continue to work closely with Erkurt Gartengestaltung to continuously optimize their digital presence and strengthen their market positioning. With ongoing updates and an adaptive online marketing strategy, Erkurt Garden Design is well positioned to continue to grow and thrive as a leader in landscape design.

Words of praise

With the professional support of GoldenWing Creative Studios, we not only developed a visually appealing brand for Erkurt Garden Design, but also created a user-friendly website that reflects our expertise and attention to detail in gardening and landscaping. The team has been able to translate our values and vision into a modern design that appeals to our customers and emphasizes our commitment to sustainability and quality. The collaboration was consistently transparent, creative and solution-oriented. We are proud of the result and look forward to the other projects that we will tackle with GoldenWing.

Kerem Erkurt

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