Project background:

The INSPIRE project, initiated by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), aims to recruit qualified workers from Kenya and Ghana for industrial companies in Germany. Given the international reach of the program, developing an effective advertising campaign was crucial to reach both talent in Africa and decision makers in German companies.

Initial situation:

The challenge was to develop an engaging and targeted marketing strategy that highlighted both cultural synergies and professional opportunities, effectively bridging the gap between African talent and German industries.

Project objective:

GoldenWing was commissioned to develop a specialized online campaign focusing on the use of LinkedIn and Meta (Facebook) to specifically address the needs and expectations of both target groups.

Measures implemented:

  • Creation of a content plan: Develop a detailed plan for creating and publishing content that aligns with the interests of target audiences.
  • Development of topic-specific content: Creation of content that highlights the core topics of the INSPIRE project, including the presentation of the benefits of international talent acquisition and the integration of this talent into German industrial companies.
  • Targeted advertising campaigns on LinkedIn and Meta: Execution of specific advertising measures that reach decision-makers in German industrial companies to communicate the benefits and opportunities of the INSPIRE project.
  • Consideration of the needs of German industry: Adaptation of communication to the specific requirements and expectations of German industrial companies in order to maximize the relevance and effectiveness of the campaign.


The campaign led to a significant increase in attention and interest in the INSPIRE project. The strategically aligned content and targeted advertising measures enabled an effective connection between African talent and German industrial companies.

Future outlook:

Given the success of the initial campaign, ICMPD plans to expand the online activities and develop further specific strategies to further increase the reach and effectiveness of the INSPIRE project. GoldenWing will continue to work closely with the ICMPD to support international recruiting efforts and strengthen the bridges between global talent and German industries.

Words of praise

It has been a pleasure working with you and thank you for all your support and cooperation.

Eden Alemayehu

Project Manager for International Development Cooperation – ICMPD

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