Project background:

Lamberg, an established retail company, saw an urgent need to digitize and modernize its business to keep pace with changing market conditions and reach a broader customer base.

Initial situation:

Despite a strong brick-and-mortar retail presence, Lamberg lacked a strong online presence, which limited its potential for growth and accessibility.

Project objective:

GoldenWing was commissioned to develop a comprehensive digitalization concept that would not only drive technological modernization, but also expand the brand’s reach through a multilingual online store and innovative sales strategies.

Measures implemented:

  • Development of a multilingual online store: Design and implementation of an online store that is accessible in several languages in order to target different regional markets and enable a broad customer approach.
  • Modern sales network and customer referral program: Establishment of a modern sales network, supplemented by a customer referral program that rewards existing customers for referring friends and family.
  • Development of marketing materials: creation of posters and targeted social media content to actively promote the new platform and increase awareness and interest in Lamberg’s online offering.
  • Co-management and training of the sales team: Training of the sales team in digital tools and in the use of the new warehouse system to ensure efficient handling of online orders.
  • Organization and monitoring of sales partners: Organization and constant monitoring of cooperation with sales partners to ensure smooth integration and functionality of the online business.
  • Coordination with the sales team in existing stores: Ensuring close collaboration with the teams in the physical stores to ensure a consistent brand message and customer experience across all sales channels.


The introduction of the multilingual online store together with the accompanying marketing and sales strategies led to a significant increase in Lamberg’s visibility and sales. The digitization measures implemented significantly improved the company’s reach and efficiency and strengthened the brand in the target markets.

Future outlook:

Lamberg plans to continue its digitization strategy and improve the online offering through regular updates and expansions. GoldenWing will continue to serve as a strategic partner to support Lamberg’s digital efforts and drive growth in new and existing markets.

Words of praise

Our collaboration with GoldenWing has had a major impact on the success of our digitalization initiative. Thanks to their expertise and individual approaches, we were not only able to successfully design our online store in several languages, but also efficiently modernize our sales strategies. We were particularly impressed by their professional approach and their deep understanding of our needs. GoldenWing has not only met our expectations, but exceeded them and helped us to significantly strengthen our market position. We are very grateful for this fruitful collaboration and look forward to future projects.

Tschalaev Husein


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