Point of New

Project background:

Point of New, a newly founded innovation agency and business coaching company in Vienna, was looking for quick recognition and visibility in the regional business world. The focus was on the modern presentation of their brand in order to effectively address a broad target group.

Initial situation:

As a new company, Point of New needed a strong online presence and striking branding that reflected their innovative spirit and modernity.

Project objective:

GoldenWing undertook the comprehensive rebranding and development of a new, visually appealing and functional web presence to ensure the desired visibility and attractiveness of the brand.

Measures implemented:

  • Rebranding: Redesign of Point of New’s logo and visual identity to reflect modernity and innovative spirit.
  • Creation of the web presence: Development of a modern website with responsive design that offers a clear structure of the offer and facilitates interaction with potential customers.
  • Structuring the offering and services: Support in the definition and clear presentation of services in order to communicate the offer in an understandable way.
  • Creation of business cards: Design and production of high-quality business cards that integrate the new branding and are used at networking events.
  • Building a strategic partnership: Establishing a long-term partnership with Point of New to provide ongoing marketing and branding support and increase the agency’s visibility.


Thanks to the rebranding and the new website, Point of New was able to significantly increase its visibility in the Viennese business world. The modern and user-friendly website led to increased interest in the agency’s services and laid the foundation for further growth.

Future outlook:

Point of New plans to further diversify its range of services and tap into additional markets. Goldenwing will continue to support as a strategic partner to consolidate Point of New’s positioning as the leading innovation agency in the region and expand its market presence.

Words of praise

The cooperation with GoldenWing was an important step in the development of our new agency. Thanks to the comprehensive rebranding and the implementation of a modern, responsive website, GoldenWing was able to perfectly visualize and communicate our vision and innovative spirit. Their professional approach and deep understanding of our goals enabled a brand presentation that reflects exactly what we want to offer our customers. With GoldenWing, we were not only able to significantly increase our visibility in Vienna, but also lay a solid foundation for our future marketing activities. We are delighted with the results and look forward to a continued successful partnership.

Benedikt Hasibeder

CEO – Point of New

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