Project background:

Umzugsreif, an established transportation company, was faced with the challenge of expanding its business model and establishing a new digital offering. The aim was to create an efficient partner network that supports the new digital services and meets the expectations of modern customers.

Initial situation:

The company needed a comprehensive digital transformation to meet the demands of the market and create a platform that would enable easy and efficient booking of relocation services.

Project objective:

Goldenwing was commissioned to develop a completely new digital business model that meets the needs of today’s customers while increasing operational efficiency.

Measures implemented:

  • Development of brand name and logo: Creation of a memorable brand name “Umzugsreif” and a dynamic logo that symbolizes the efficiency and professionalism of the service.
  • Website and online presence design: Development of a user-friendly website specifically designed to optimize the user experience and enable quick and easy booking of relocation services.
  • Development of a digital configurator: Implementation of a configurator that enables customers to customize their relocation services. This function provides transparency about costs and available options and is particularly attractive for target groups such as students, pensioners and families.
  • Branded workwear and marketing materials: Design of workwear and extensive marketing materials, including car wraps, to increase brand visibility and recognition in public spaces.


The new digital platform and well thought-out branding have made Umzugsreif an outstanding player in the removals industry. The simple and transparent booking option has proven to be a significant competitive advantage that sets the company apart from other providers. The positive feedback from customers confirms the effectiveness of the user-friendly design and the comprehensive range of services.

Future outlook:

Umzugsreif plans to continuously improve its digital offering and expand its partner network in order to offer an even wider range of relocation services. Goldenwing will continue to act as a strategic partner to optimize Umzugsreif’s digital presence and maximize customer satisfaction. Umzugsreif strives to consolidate and expand its market position as a leading provider of digital relocation services by continuously innovating and adapting to customer needs.

Words of praise

The collaboration with GoldenWing was a turning point for Umzugsreif. Their team redefined our branding and web design, perfectly capturing our vision and company values. The cost calculator they developed is a prime example of user-friendliness and has paved the way for a stress-free move for our customers. We are impressed by the quality and commitment of the GoldenWing team and look forward to continuing our partnership.

Ayman Bauer

CEO – Trio-Trans Güterbeförderung GmbH

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