Sign Time | SiMAX

Project background:

Simax is a pioneer in the development of sign language technologies specifically designed to visually translate text information and real-time schedule changes in public transportation systems. The main aim was to raise awareness of this innovative technology and make its potential applications accessible to a wide audience.

Initial situation:

Despite Simax’s advanced technology, the general public’s awareness and understanding of the practical application of these systems was low. The challenge was to highlight the technological functions of Simax and emphasize the importance of barrier-free communication in public spaces.

Project objective:

Goldenwing developed a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy specifically designed to showcase the unique features of Simax technology and emphasize the importance of accessibility in public spaces.

Measures implemented:

  • Development of a landing page: Creation of a dedicated landing page detailing Simax’s new features and inviting visitors to learn more about the technology.

  • Graphic design for website and social media: Design engaging graphics that visually represent technology features to be used on the website and social media to increase interest and awareness among the target audience.

  • Creation of animations and texts: Production of animations that show the application of sign language technology in various real-life scenarios, supplemented by clear and informative texts that explain the advantages of the technology in an understandable way.

  • Webinar: Organization of a webinar for in-depth explanation and live demonstration of the technology in order to directly and interactively involve potential customers and interested parties.

  • Promotion of the webinar: Intensive promotion of the webinar via platforms such as LinkedIn, Meta (Facebook and Instagram) and Google to reach a broad target group and maximize the number of participants.

  • Funding advice and management: Provision of advisory services to secure financial support and funding for the further development and implementation of the technology.


The measures implemented led to a significant increase in awareness of and interest in Simax technologies. The specially developed landing page and targeted marketing campaigns significantly increased engagement and interaction on the website and in social media. The webinar was met with great interest and a positive response, stimulating further discussions and requests for the technology.

Future outlook:

Goldenwing continues its partnership with Simax to further strengthen its digital presence and drive the adoption of sign language technology in public spaces. Through continuous improvements and innovative marketing strategies, we are working to establish Simax as the leading provider in this important area of digital communication.

Words of praise

“Working with GoldenWing Creative Studios was a turning point for our team at SiMAX. Their expertise in web design and digital branding has made our vision of an accessible world for the deaf a reality. The new website not only reflects our technology and innovation but also offers our users an intuitive and seamless experience. We are impressed by the professionalism and creativity of the GoldenWing team and look forward to continuing our partnership to achieve further milestones together.”


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