The Botanist

Project background:

The botanist, a thriving online store for plant lovers, was faced with the challenge of increasing its sales and market visibility. Despite a loyal customer base and continuous sales, there was a lack of an effective go-to-market strategy. The team was also still under construction. The company approached Goldenwing with initial ideas for a new logo and the desire for a business model extension as well as a stronger consulting component.

Initial situation:

The botanist already had a base of loyal customers, but to grow further they needed to improve their online presence and user experience. The company was looking for effective ways to better present its products and increase customer loyalty through interactive and consultative elements.

Project objective:

Goldenwing developed a comprehensive overhaul of Der Botaniker’s digital presence, from website optimization to targeted social media campaigns, to strengthen brand presence and drive sales growth.

Measures implemented:

  • Optimization of the online store: Redesign of the Shopify-based online store for an improved user experience, easier navigation and a faster checkout process.
  • Update of the business model and introduction of an advisory component: We launched an advisory service under the hashtag #don’tletyourselfplant to help customers select and care for their plants.
  • Improving usability: making adjustments to the website for more intuitive user guidance and clear design elements.
  • Integration and networking with the Instagram channel: Seamlessly integrate Instagram into the digital marketing strategy to maximize community building and sales opportunities.
  • Optimization of content: Adaptation of images and texts on the website to improve SEO performance and better address the target group.
  • Structuring the website: Creating separate pages for team, services, products and case studies to give visitors a deeper insight into the company and its offerings.
  • LinkedIn outreach: Initiate a targeted outreach campaign on LinkedIn to reach both B2B and B2C customers and strengthen relationships.
  • Cooperation with IKEA: Organization of workshops in cooperation with IKEA to promote knowledge about plant care and to open up new customer groups.


The measures implemented enabled Der Botaniker to significantly increase its market visibility and boost sales growth. The improved website and the new marketing initiatives led to increased customer satisfaction and stronger customer loyalty.

Future outlook:

Goldenwing will continue to work with The Botanist to further support online presence and business growth through continuous optimization and innovative marketing strategies. Our aim is to firmly establish Der Botaniker as a leading brand in the field of plant advice and plant sales and to further deepen the relationship between people and plants.

Words of praise

GoldenWing understood our vision and turned it into a reality that exceeded our wildest expectations. Their holistic approach to our brand has made us the most visited plant store in Austria. We would like to thank the team for their tireless commitment and innovative approach.

David Schlager - The Botanist


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